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Major Tours

The following are some of the tours that I have handled over the years *

Major Tours

  • I’m Your Baby Tonight World Tour 1991 (Whitney Houston)
    (North America, Europe, Japan) Road Manager
  • Natural Wonder Live Europe 1992 (Stevie Wonder)
    (Europe) Tour Manager
  • The Bodyguard World Tour 1993–1994 (Whitney Houston)
    (North & South America, Europe, Japan, South Africa) Road Manager
  • Pacific Rim Tour 1997 (Whitney Houston)
    (Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan) Road Manager
  • European Tour 1998 (Whitney Houston)
    (Europe) Road Manager
  • My Love Is Your Love World Tour 1999 (Whitney Houston)
    (North America, Europe) Road Manager
  • Through Your Eyes – Inspector Gadget Tour 2000-2002 (Corporate – Youngstown)
    (North America, Europe) Tour Manager
  • Russia, UAE 2004 (Whitney Houston)
    (Russia, Dubai) Tour Manager
  • Soul Divas Tour 2004 (Whitney Houston)
    (Europe, Thailand, China) Tour Manager
  • Disney Live! – The Doodlebops 2008 (Feld Entertainment)
    (North America) Tour Company Manager
  • Russia 2009 (Whitney Houston)
    (Russia) Tour Manager
  • Nothing But Love World Tour 2010 (Whitney Houston)
    (South Korea, Japan, Australia, Europe) Road Manager
  • Disney Live! – Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show 2010–2011 (Feld Entertainment)
    (North America) Tour Company Manager
  • Petco BBT Tour 2011 (Corporate – Dr Marty Becker)
    (North America) Tour Manager, Tour Coordinator

I have done many additional smaller tours and one offs, that are too numerous to list.


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