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Key Roles and Experience

Tour Manager, Road Manager: Nippy Inc, Whit Nip Touring, Newark, NJ, 09/1987 to Present

Key roles:

  • Pre-Tour Budget Planning:  In depth analysis of potential settlement income (or tour guarantee), versus projected operating expenses, to develop tour operations budget. Also developing tour finance schedule.
  • Personnel Management: Developing and maintaining extensive personnel database for payroll, travel, medical, and other administrative purposes. Also overseeing all personal and executive tour obligations for high profile Principle Artist & touring company (averaging 100-120 persons).
  • Tour Logistics: Negotiating contracts (or sponsorships) for lodging, air and ground transportation. Also sourcing and contracting all production Audio/Visual, backline, staging systems.
  • Tour Financial Operations: Implementing tour finance schedule. Adjusting tour operations blueprint as necessary to maximize net income (or minimize recoupable label support requested during promotional tours).
  • Venue Advance: Advancing & liaising with all performance theaters, arenas, stadiums, and other venues for production specs, box office pre-settlement issues, etc.
  • International Tour Management: Liaising with foreign consulates, embassies to ensure visa compliance. Also working closely with Artist Business Management; Developing and implementing tour strategies to minimize production exposure to foreign tax requirements.
  • Union Relations: Developing & maintaining relationships with IATSE, AFM, AFTRA, SAG, etc. to ensure compliance, residuals management (AFM, AFTRA, SAG) for broadcast or recorded performances.

Tour Manager, Tour Coordinator – Westport Entertainment BBT: Westport, CT 04/2011 to 06/2011

Key Roles:

  • Tour Logistics:  Coordinated all lodging, air & ground transportation for promotional tour of North America for a noted GMA personality.
  • Promotional Event Scheduling: Coordinated, and conducted promotional special events, book signings, and other promotional appearances on a per market basis.

Tour Company Manager – Mickey’s Rockin’ Roadshow (Feld Entertainment) Palmetto, FL 10/2010 to 01/2011

Key Roles:

  • Tour Logistics: Coordinated all lodging, transportation, and general company operations for tour of North America, and Canada. Project was a 3 1/2 month term contract.

 Tour Company Manager – The Doodlebops (Feld Entertainment) Palmetto, FL 06/2008 to 10/2008

Key Roles:

  • Tour Logistics: Coordinated all lodging, air and ground transportation for tour of state fairs, and other market specific events. Project was a 4 month term contract.

Tour Manager: Ytown Inc., Los Angeles, CA, 01/2000 to 06/2002

Key Roles:

  • Promotional Marketing: Liaised between Hollywood Records (A Walt Disney Company), and The Kodak Corporation, for promotion of Inspector Gadget soundtrack, via Kodak sponsored Through Your Eyes Tour, and numerous Radio Disney Promotional events.
  • Promotional Event Scheduling: Scheduled all group radio, televised promotional opportunities, for all local markets. Utilized scheduling opportunities to further promote both Artist interests, and Kodak brand awareness.
  • Tour Logistics: Secured all group lodging and air transportation, international visa requirements. Contracted for all required backline, audio/ visual equipment.

 Tour Manager: MTV, Los Angeles, CA, 07/2000 to 08/2000

Key Roles:

  • Group Logistics: Day to day lodging, travel, and performance requirements for MTV music reality show group 2+Gether, while opening for Britney Spears on U.S. Summer tour.
  • Promotional Event Management: Coordinated all promotional events (live and on-air), scheduled for tour off days.
  • Talent Agency Coordination: Liaised with 5 separate Talent Agents, representing the 5 group members, to coordinate individual promotional considerations.

Production Manager: Kendricks Presents, Philadelphia, PA, 01/1992 to 06/1995

Key Roles:

  • Performance Equipment Contracting: Contracted for all required backline, audio/ visual equipment. Also secured freight transport when necessary.
  • Performance Schedule Coordination: Ensured performances adhered to established schedule.

Tour Manager: Black Bull Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA 01/1992 to 11/1992

Key Roles:

  • Tour Logistics: Contracted all lodging, air and ground transportation.
  • Tour Financial Operations: Developed draw versus guarantee balance schedule for per diem issue; coordinated wire transfer of all remaining performance guarantee funds.

Education, Special Skills, Training

  • Arts Institute of Atlanta/Georgia State University – Entertainment Management (1986-87)
  • High degree of proficiency in all Microsoft Office products (including Visual Basic macro programming)
  • CDL Class B license with P, and all related endorsements
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